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Vegekauppa is a vegan online store which has had a shop in Turku since 2015. They only sell fully vegan based product. I was given instructions by the owner to make instagram photos for them about Prännäri coffee. Around 3-4. I started by looking through their instagram feed and then browsing Pinterest. Through them…

Muurlan lasi

Muurlan lasi is a. We had free hands to choose and take pics in what way we wanted. Browsing through their website as a group we landed on the Olo series and the jug and some classes. On top we chose a candle holder and last minute chose a decor ball Before picking them up…

Kivipuoti Iina

Kivipuoti Iina is a small mix but mostly rock and jewellery sore located in Salo. We stumbled across it while looking for customers. We wen’t in a sweet woman said she would like it and recommended taking photos of amethyst rocks sense those sell the most in her store. We decided to pick a few…