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Vegekauppa is a vegan online store which has had a shop in Turku since 2015. They only sell fully vegan based product.

I was given instructions by the owner to make instagram photos for them about Prännäri coffee. Around 3-4.

I started by looking through their instagram feed and then browsing Pinterest. Through them I got ideas of trying to express the coffees extra flavor (chamomile, taffy, lemon)and the fact it is grounded.

Unfortunately do to the time of year it was hard to find chamomile flowers and I couldn’t get taffy. So I used the former idea more and used a lemon as well.

I wanted to have at least one flat lay photo because it was their most used photo angle. I wanted the colours to be tamed as it fit well the packaging.

On the day I shoot I used a Nikon C610 with an objects 50m. For lights I used a ring light. I filmed on a table with a cloth used as background.

At the start I tried a grey background to sculpt some placement ideas and to manage the lighting by changing lights and by lowering the aperture number so it would not be over lit.

I had around 12 usable photo but after cropping them to the size 1×1, I ended up letting go of 6 of them. Do to lights, backgrounds, lining of props.

When done with that I started by editing out some lighting marks and then trying to balance the lighting.

When editing I focused on bringing vibrance and texture to the photos. Also balancing them to look the same. I also tried my best to make them fit their feed. Their resolution is 240 per inch

I chose these photos for the fact that they were closes to what I had imagined and they were most well fit together. They also were most fit to Vegekauppas instagram.


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